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Austrian white wine blog

Here you will find all the information about the Veltliner wine as a whole. The two different types and also know about their flavours.

Where does Veltliner grow? I will be focusing on the lower Austria region, but not limited to that.

The rest of Austrian wine, where to find them, be it in Restaurants, Heurigens, at a place near you or just at the local shop.

I graduated with a bachelor in Export oriented management at IMC University of Applied Sciences, Austria.
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E. African Trip – Nairobi / Kenya

E. African Trip Nairobi – Kenya I had a late flight from Vienna, and my stopover in Dubai lasted almost 3 hours. I couldn’t wait to land in Nairobi. But most importantly the thought running through my mind was that of my checked – in luggage being intact and off...

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Wine spring

The vineyards Kamp , Kremstal and Traisental  are joining hands: More than 150 wineries open on 26th  and 27th  April its vineyards and cellars and invite you to a wine spring, as you have never seen before. Of course, the tasting of Grüner Veltliner and Riesling from...

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What does DAC mean?

What does DAC mean? Well, I actually got to read this term on a bottle, and never really asked about it, untill at one wine tasting event, someone mentioned it. I didn’t quite understood them, so I went into reading about it and here I used some websites which...

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Classification of Austrian wines

Classification of Austrian wines – Wachau The Wachau region in the Danube valley was the first to develop their system of wine classification. This was called the Vinea Wachau formed in 1984 from a group of top producers in the region. The classification was...

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Wine etiquette – Serving wine at home

Today’s blog will be on wine etiquette. This will be a series of serving wine in different occasions.  I will start with serving wine at home. There are various questions I had in mind and I am pretty sure you do have some, which I would recommend you to ask to go...

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