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The most important wine in the Wagram, Kamptal and Straßertal is the GRÜNER VELTLINER. The other type of Veltliner is the ROTER VELTLINER which grows in limited areas of the Lower Austria. Grüner Veltliner is however a well known wine internationally, on the other hand the Red Veltliner will definately have a place for every wine lover who is willing to give it a try. Below you will find information on the different types.



The Wagram lies in the province of Lower Austria and is actually on both sides of the Danube River and extends eastwards from the famous wine town of Krems.


The famous wine-growing municipalitiy Straß im Straßertale is located between the Waldviertel and the Weinviertel regions, close to Krems (Wachau). The excellent wines of Straß have won many awards at wine fairs – not only in Austria, but also abroad. 


Kamptal gets its name from the river Kamp, that flows directly through it, and is also home to Austria’s largest wine-producing town, Langenlois. With a vineyard area of 3,802 hectares.

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