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Ever wondered what a typical Austrian Heurigen dinner is all about? Here is one Heuriger we visited…

Last weekend we went to Heurigen Gmeiner in Seebarn. This is in lower Austria, about 50 minutes’ drive from Vienna. It was just a spontaneous visit and I thought it as a good place to give my readers more insight on Heurigen.

What is a Heurigen: Heuriger is the name given to Austrian wine-taverns in which wine-growers serve the most recent year’s wines and where patrons can experience Gemütlichkeit (comfort). These taverns need a special licence. They normally serve cold food, and if otherwise a different licence is needed for this.

At Gmeiner’s, beer is also available, for those who aren’t wine enthusiasts.

Gmeiner Wagram


MUSKATELLER – Recommended for those who prefer something sweet.

STAUBIGER(GV) – This is the next fermentation level after Sturm. From my other posts, you may have stumbled upon a time where I went drinking and tasting Sturm- this sweet young wine. This is the first stage of wine production followed by the Staubiger. Staubiger has already a wine taste in it, the colour being kind of smoky white and it isn’t sweet at all. This is something you can only get during and just closely after the harvest period, ranging between October and end of November. Its alcohol level is at 11%




Well, we weren’t hungry, but when you are at a Heurigen, you tend to order something. Below are some pics, when you click them you get a better view 😉


Salad Gmeiner




FOOD – Not above 15€

DRINKS – Not above 3€ for an 1/8 glass

WEBSITE: http://www.gmeiner-weine.at/


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