Today’s blog will be on wine etiquette. This will be a series of serving wine in different occasions.  I will start with serving wine at home. There are various questions I had in mind and I am pretty sure you do have some, which I would recommend you to ask to go through it together.

  • Use the right wine glass
  • The right temperature
  • Serve lighter wines before food, normally a sparkling wine
  • Don’t fill up the glass, at least a ¼ or 1/8
  1. You have friends visiting, sitting on the table, who will you serve first? (serving order)
    1. You start with the ladies, and if you have a VIP lady guest, better start with her 😉 then to the next guests.
  2. When your glass is empty, and want to add more, how do you go about this?
    1. First, ask if there is anyone else who wants a fill up. Thereafter, go ahead and pour yourself some.
  3. What happens when one of your quest or more bring a bottle of wine. Should you open it or keep it for a future event?
    1. Well, this depends on you. If it is a wine that fits perfectly to the occasion, then no worries just go ahead and open it. Not to forget to thank the person who brought it.

Are there any other questions in your mind? Shoot them. Hope you enjoyed reading. Happy new year once again!!!

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