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Erste Lage wine classification

Erste Lage wine classification

Last week, a customer asked for the Grüner Veltliner Erste lage. This was the first time that I’ve heard of this term, and despite having it explained to me by my friends in the wine business, it still remained a puzzle waiting to be assembled. I was able to gather more information and thought it a good idea to share it with my readers. It will probably come in handy in the future.

Example of the logo on Leth's wine

Example of the logo on Leth’s wine


It started with an association which was founded in 1992 by 23 members. The association of traditional vineyards of Austria’s goal was to achieve a vineyard classification in the Danube region. This was a process, since only good wines come from good vineyards. They had to monitor their wines for 20 years, before they could start with the classification process.


In 2010 the 23 members of this association combined their 52 vineyards which are located in Kremstal, Kamptal, Wagram, and Traisental, and therefore the first vintage to carry this label, which can only be used by members of this association. In 2012, there were already 62 vineyard sites that carried the label already.


Only Grüner Veltliner and Riesling wines are allowed to carry the Erste Lage symbol.

It is believed that the members will look into recruiting other growers from this region to participate in the classification process. This means that the classification process can also be viewed as a ‘work in process’ which could go on for years if not decades.


The regions

The region

Here are the members of the association and here the vineyards. 

Wine tasting in Wagram?

Wine tasting in Wagram?

Are you interested in attending a wine tasting even in the Wagram region? Then let us know, click this link HERE to place your vote. Looking forward!!


How do you taste white wine?

How do you taste white wine?

Today I went into experiencing wine. This means looking, smelling, tasting and judging white wines. I started with explaining the various steps to accomplish this, I have to admit, they are challenging but worth it! It was my first, and I hope yours too ;-). This information if you may ask, are from different wine websites, I gathered data and came up with my own (the document attached), and used this in the video.

The second video I looked into the Grüner Veltliner (Scheiben) from Hoffstetter in the Wagram region of Lower Austria. We have a collection from him, and the reason why ‘they’ came first. They are an upcoming wine family, and their wines are really incredible. They are already in the export market in Switzerland and Germany and looking to expand as well.

I am yet to taste other wines, from the winemakers from this region (Don’t forget! I am focusing on white wine), and giving you feedback as well. So, stay tuned and let’s walk together in this journey.

Off course, you are welcomed to ask for samples (for importers) and if you are private; we can as well arrange something on this direction. Just Email me!