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Where to drink Grüner Veltliner in WAGRAM Austria

Where to drink Grüner Veltliner in WAGRAM Austria

GV is mostly a dry wine, with acidity levels of about 6g/l. Body wise, it is a light wine and colour ranges from gold yellow to old yellow. It has a distinct fruit aroma with a clean nose which is natural. About 75% of Grüner Veltliner grows in Austria. Good Veltliner has an alcohol percent of 12.5%, so this is something to look into as well when looking for places to enjoy this wonderful wine. 

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This guide from Winefolly, will show you the basics of the major white wine styles.


Where do GV grow?


The common places to find Grüner Veltliner growing is in lower Austria and in Burgenland.

However, in Vienna, they normally grow in the 19th district (Grinzing), and this is also considered a touristic place where there are a number of Heurigen. It is an area easily accessible by public transport, either by bus or a tram; alternatively, one can take a tourist bus for the same.

I will focus with lower Austria in this post, and come back to you when I have visited the other areas. Mutual places in Lower Austria to find Grüner Veltliner, include, Kremstal, Wagram, Strassertal, Wachau and Kremstal.


Where to find Grüner Veltliner in Wagram area

I will only list wineries that I have visited personally or tried out their wine.


  • Weingut Hofstetter – The winery of the wine-growing family HOFSTETTER is located in the (Lower Austrian wine-growing region) of Fels am Wagram. It is one of the fastest emerging companies in the Wagram wine region and is famous for its excellent wines for several years now. The vineyards of the winery HOFSTETTER prosper at the most southern slopes of Wagram. Its special soil, loess, mainly gives the Red and Green Veltliner (which are not in any way related to each other) a very special note: mineral taste, full-bodied and drinkable.
  • Weingut Ott – Located in Feuersbrunn, Weingut Bernhard Ott is a family owned company since 1889. Bernhard is the fourth generation of the Ott family and has been leading the winery since 1995. Bernhard Ott concentrates on the most important grape on the Wagram – the Grüner Veltliner
  • Weingut Blauensteiner – The winery is located in the wine village Gösing, which is embedded in a basin amidst the Wagram. The charm of the small wine village with a fantastic view of the Tullnerfeld and of the wide-spread vineyards invites you to linger and enjoy the moment.
  • Weingut Öhlzelt – Our tavern with local cold dishes and our great assortement of quality wines is embedded in the Feuersbrunner vineyards. You can have a look in our traditionell wine cellar and taste wines in our vinothek and tavern.

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  • Weingut Leth – Located in Fels am Wagram. Our family is now the third generation to focus on wine-growing. The Leth winery, one of the leading wineries in the Wagram region is located in Fels. 40 hectares are run by family Leth, directly on the terraces of the Wagram hillside. The deep loess soils are excellently suited for Grüner Veltliner, half of the area under vine is planted with this variety.
  • Kolkmann – The 36 hectare vineyards of the Kolkmann Winery lie on the best rieds of the WAGRAM, which is reflected in the characteristic and regionally typical wines the family produces. Grüner Veltliner and Zweigelt, vinificated in different styles, are the most important varietals.
  • Sauerstingl – Franz Sauerstingl has taken over the reigns of the family winery in 2002. As a graduate of the Viniculture College in Klosterneuburg he currently vinifiers grapes from some twelve hectars. Grüner Veltliner is by far and away his predomoiniant variety.
  • Bründy – Located in Feuersbrunn. For generations the Bründlmayer family has been planting and vinifying wine at the famous Hengstberg hill of Feuersbrunn in the wine growing region called Wagram.

Next I will be going to Kamptal and will also list the wineries in this area. Subscribe, so that you don’t miss reading on this.

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How do you taste white wine?

How do you taste white wine?

Today I went into experiencing wine. This means looking, smelling, tasting and judging white wines. I started with explaining the various steps to accomplish this, I have to admit, they are challenging but worth it! It was my first, and I hope yours too ;-). This information if you may ask, are from different wine websites, I gathered data and came up with my own (the document attached), and used this in the video.

The second video I looked into the Grüner Veltliner (Scheiben) from Hoffstetter in the Wagram region of Lower Austria. We have a collection from him, and the reason why ‘they’ came first. They are an upcoming wine family, and their wines are really incredible. They are already in the export market in Switzerland and Germany and looking to expand as well.

I am yet to taste other wines, from the winemakers from this region (Don’t forget! I am focusing on white wine), and giving you feedback as well. So, stay tuned and let’s walk together in this journey.

Off course, you are welcomed to ask for samples (for importers) and if you are private; we can as well arrange something on this direction. Just Email me!