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However, the Red Veltliner is not as famous, but above all a palatable wine which grows exclusively in this area. The name Wagram is composed of both the two Middle High German words ‘Wac’ (moving water, river) and ‘rain’ (rain, meadow, steeps). Therefore, WAGRAM means a slope that is about the limit of the water or waves (the banks). Such name labels come together with rivers quite often. Source: Wikipedia) 




Wagram was considered before as in insider’s tip, now the villages including Feuersbrunn, Fels, Kirchberg and Großriedenthal have been reflected as the destination os quality oriented weine producers. The steady weather and climatic conditions together with the geological features give the best characteristics for producing wine with rich aroma and flavour.


The Wagram lies in the province of Lower Austria and is actually on both sides of the Danube River and extends eastwards from the famous wine town of Krems. It is less pronounced on the south of the Danube, than it is on north, where the wine village of Fels am Wagram is located. Due to the gentle touristic attention and the mild climate in which grapes, apricots and cherries flourish exquisitely, the Wagram is considered the Piedmont Austria. The viniculture here is particularly well-known and acknowledged mainly because of the excellent thriving Grüner Veltliner.



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